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    Have you found any code or used one to reorder entities based on distance?



    You would need to edit the mojo3d source for this.

    The file you need to look at is:


    and the function RenderRenderOps


    My advice would be to leave well alone, as Mark will certainly change things here at some stage. But if you are happy with a preserved version then tinker away 🙂



    Thanks, I will have a peek. By the moment I use only mojo for drawing rects and stuff, up until I have a solid foundation for a codebase which later I can adapt faster to an engine.



    OK. Think I got my wires crossed. I thought you were talking about 3d stuff.

    In Mojo, everything is generally optimised on a first come first draw basis. so the only thing you need to do is run some form of depth system.

    let’s assume you have a series of entities (of your creation, boxes, circles, sprites, etc). And each entity has an x,y location

    You (the viewer) also need to have an x,y location – so you can depth sort

    First you need a list or array of the wanted entities to be drawn

    for each entity find the length from the viewer:

    xx = vx-ex[]

    yy = vy-ey[]

    length =Sqrt(xx*xx + yy*yy)

    then you just do a quick sort of the lengths – the bigger the length the further away from the viewer and the lower in the sortlist

    Lastly you draw the entities in the sortlist starting with the item furthest away



    Although I was thinking about crazy algorithms for a moment, up until I looked that it’s a matter only of sorting based on a specific criteria, which is cool, it makes things very simple.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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