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    I’m interested to know if @anatol‘s Accelerometer class (and therefore SDL’s accelerometer joystick) works consistently across all devices, particularly with respect to axis orientation.  I have created this :

    and would be grateful if people could compile and test on various android and ios devices and post your results here.

    If all goes well, the spinning top should remain upright compared to the physical world, regardless of your device orientation.

    All comments, criticism, requests for changes will be gratefully received.

    Tested successfully here on a Samsung S7 and a Lenovo Yoga Book tablet.  That’s all I have!

    Also, @mark, if you see this by some random chance, I think this demo if ripe for use as a banana – feel free to add it to the monkey2 repo.



    It should look something like this :

    It should look something like this

    My phone is upright, tilted 45 degrees to the right.  If the spinner is much bigger or much smaller, then there is a calibration issue, or if it lies on its side, there is an axis inversion.



    Unfortunately on my iphone6s it’s only moving front-back in reverse but no left-right.
    On my Acer Jade s56 it’s only moving front-back, no left-right.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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