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    Work progressing well. got an actual aim now: Collect the 8 pieces of the relic:

    You can now see the 3d cards in all their glory. they move and jiggle to show selection, and also further imprint that they are NOT flat:

    lots still to do, but shaping up nicely.



    Looks cool, I’m envious. 🙂



    lol. thanks



    Love the look of it!



    There are 8 custom shaders being used. Each one handling variations.

    I’ve been working on the timeline system and just added triggering so it is possible to nest and do all sorts of weird stuff with it. Usually I had to program ‘modes’ to handle different states, but currently there is one state with timelines being triggered when needed.

    My only disappointment was not being able to use Mojo3d and having to use a custom 3d solution instead.



    here’s the lighting system operational



    Wow, nice!
    This game should be *surely* completed and published: it has very good logic/potential to be something different and original. (=please reading it as ‘don’t jump on another idea and complete this one!’ :D!)
    I like the graphics and the 3d effects… but the idea to ‘play’ with a card-table & miniatures it’s very interesting!
    (I just saw the animated Nomicron book in another thread – great!)

    ps: you should start to think to use Kickstarter or Patreon for this project. Seriously.



    This is a project that will be finished!

    But some great points there 😉



    Latest animated pic:

    this shows the basic transition from tiles to battle.

    In essence when you encounter a monster, the current tiles move away and the battle arena drops into place. The lighting dims, and color is boosted. giving a very different feel when in battle.

    you get a new battle deck of card to play with. you pick a card the enemy picks a card, the results are compared and the looser loses a heart. this continues until all hearts are lost and one is declared the winner.


    The reason the mouse is moving is I have tied the mouse to the battle transition system, for testing. The fps is also solid at 60fps. the capture system impacts the fps when recording

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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