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    It’s with a very heavy heart that RogueTable 30 could not be entered into the month long Game Jam that ends tonight.

    Issues began with recompiling on windows10 from MacOS. I needed to synchronise Monkey2 versions (V1.0.105).

    Then there were shader issues with differences with Win and Mac.

    Then a fatal opengl error on Win along with missing display stuff.

    Then speed seemed also to be an issue.

    The app was taken to test on a MacBook – again missing graphical errors and speed issues.

    It might be opengl it might be memory. it might be just that the machines aren’t up to it – this is not high performance stuff.


    So It all works brilliant on the dev machine and nothing else – so in that respect is not fit for public consuming!


    Learn a lot.


    Still extremely unhappy with Audio on Mac not fit for purpose.

    Not entirely happy with current status of OpenGL. something ‘feels’ off. I’m not sure yet, but can’t put my finger on it, but BlitzMax was super speedy with low poly stuff – I’m not entirely sure about monkey2 – but it has been a long month and I’m rather tired.


    One thing I might look at is Unreal. I think I need a break for a few weeks to get my mojo back ;[

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