Shapes or bitmaps?

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    Hi! Just a quick question, in terms of performance (especially Android and iOS), would I rather use shapes (DrawRect etc.) where I can or bitmaps? In my Javascript game dev work bitmaps tend to perform much better, but for Monkey2 and mobile targets I don’t know. Or if bitmaps are better, is there a way to cache the shapes in runtime as bitmaps?




    I have no idea about performance. But it is possible to draw shapes in images that you can create. As far as I know every shape command can be used inside images. You can then use drawimage to draw these images.



    Being that the language is so new and not thoroughly tested, Can you just create some test to determine what is faster?

    I suspect that DrawRect is faster than Drawing a bitmap since each pixel is not scanned for color content.

    I usually don’t test to see which is faster but just test if what I am doing is fast enough for my purpose. if it is, I stick with it else I find an alternative if possible.

    On my game that I am making “Mission patrol” I use DrawPoly and is fast enough to draw all of the backgrounds of the game so I never bother to test if drawing images is faster.


    Mark Sibly

    If you’re just drawing rectangular shapes, there’s likely to be little to no difference speedwise. Unless your trying to draw a gazillion things, I’d stick with images just ‘coz they’re simpler and more flexible, ie: you can draw anything you want!

    Have a look at the rendertoimage banana for a simple example of how to pre-render shapes to an image.

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