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    Share your Ted2go themes, guys. If you have a custom one. If you need me to host the download, email me the theme with a pic (not essentially required but would be nice) and I’ll host it on my server.

    Email themes to put TED2GO in the subject line.

    I can’t be bothered to make my own because I can’t ever seem to settle on one I make. It’s never perfect and I end up tweaking it like a loon then giving up.

    So, yes, please share your Ted2go themes.

    Ta 🙂



    As an idea – to make standalon app or special dialog in ted2go to customize themes.




    Still not enough options I still cant make my code look colour wise the same as my mollusc or jungle code.



    Maybe a JSON Tree View with right click menu based on the value. So color picker for color values, number requester for numbers, etc…
    Then add value/remove value.

    I’m actually interested in parsing a more CSS like syntax and converting it to JSON or soemthing because of those pesky commas. xD



    Maybe. But there are more important tasks in TODO.



    I found a nice way on how to change the font into something else that Windows has installed.

    This command will display a list of the installed font files in the system. Locate the name you want and press Control C to exit the list.


    Then copy the font you wish to the location of Ted2Go (or something else that you would like to).


    Then you will be able to open Ted2Go and locate the font file to this exact location where you copied it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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