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    Yes im busy converting the code over from MX1 to MX2 at present I have loads to do but its getting there:

    Heres the list of stuff I have to convert:
    Ultim – main header file for the Ultim framework
    FileSystem – this is the new file system that replaces the now defunct old one [10%]
    Conversion – converters for loads of different things [100%]
    GameFont – the gamefont class for using bitmap fonts in Ultim projects [100%]
    Input – All input handlers [100%]
    Math – Math code from years of coding [100%]
    Renderer – All rendering functions for Ultim [10%]
    Platform – platform specific functions and identifying stuff [100%]
    Timing – All timing functions [0%]
    Networking – FULL networking system conversion from EdzUpNetworkSystem [0%]
    Random – Shagwanas random system [100%]
    Touch – all touch stuff [0%]

    Star Rogue – the main file for the Star Rogue game [0%]
    Loaders – link file for all the loaders [50%]
    +Galaxy – loader for galaxy data [100%]
    +Race – loader for races [100%]
    +System – loader for star systems [50%]
    +Sector generator – this will make a sector from a X,Y,Z coordinate and system related stuff. [10%]
    Criminal – all the underhanded and evil stuff [0%]
    Decals – all space dust related stuff [0%]
    Equipment – ship segments and modules [0%]
    Galaxy – all the galactic stuff [0%]
    Graphics – special graphics for the system and special data [0%]
    GUI – self explanatory this one [0%]
    Menus – title menus and in game menus [0%]
    NameSystem – stuff for creating NPC names [0%]
    NPC – all AI players, NO scripting its a state manager [0%]
    Options – the option system for the game, loaders etc [0%]
    Player – all player related stuff [0%]
    Races – everything relating to aliens [0%]
    Ranks – All things that relate to any special rank you can get ingame [0%]
    SpaceDust – special stuff for space dust [0%]
    Stations – station generator and information [0%]
    Stockmarket – all stockmarket handler [0%]
    System – star system generation [0%]
    SystemData – special data stuff relating to star systems [0%]
    SystemMap – the map system for the game [0%]
    Variables – all game variables that are global to the game [0%]

    Yes I have LOADS of work to do and convert over but its very doable and im slowly wading through it once its done I will release a new demo, I have some changes to make to the overall game and once I complete those the game will be slightly different but MUCH more playable.



    That is quite the list ๐Ÿ™‚

    Are you doing this on a netbook? (You mentioned once you had one)



    Yeah it’s a long list but it’s needed to bring it over, some will need ditching and some completely recoding but it will be worth it.


    The old netbook is OpenGL 1.2 and 32bit so no MX2.



    Wow good luck the game has a lot of promise.

    I was wondering if you were going to make the leap to MX2 or not. ย ๐Ÿ™‚



    I have looked at loads of different options before settling on MX2, main reason is I have no time these days to write a engine nor any time to wait for the ide to load. MX2 fits the bill fine I have it on windows, Mac and Linux so I always have a platform to code on.



    I think you should nail down a language and just crack on now. ย This has been going on since the Blitz3d days and I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve restarted it.

    I’m not optimistic that you’ll ever finish it but happy to be proven wrong.



    @gfk : agreed it’s been in the pipeline since Starflight 2000, however LOADS has happened in the time in between. ย I feel now that I can just cracking on as you say and get the game out there.

    All the other things I have going at the moment are almost done so I will have a little more time to devote to converting and completing this one ๐Ÿ™‚



    I have converted more code over (as per the 100%’s appearing in the first post) and I will be streamlining the Star Rogue files into a more manageable system which was the idea ages ago but never got round to it.

    On the whole loads of Ultim done now and once the Renderer is down I will get on with the game ๐Ÿ™‚



    This looks like an Epic amount of code!

    I could not even imagine how all these pieces can come together.



    it’s modular so most of the Ultim modules only call themselves it’s more complicated for the game though but I’m enjoying the challenge :).

    Coding feels like coding once again instead of bolting bits together.



    Well after converting code over from BlitxMax to MX2 I have decided to rewrite the entire networking library using MX2 friendly code. As it was the old system was brilliant at what it did but converting it over was much more than I had anticipated there is loads of old code in there that converting over would have been a pain to do. Recoding the entire thing will allow me to bring it upto date and add in the new connections switch so the system doesnt have to allow new connections if its not required.

    Sometimes recoding sections is a good idea and one which I’m enjoying as I go.



    Things are going quite nicely on the networking front I’m putting together a whole new networking library and making an example to go with it as well. Some would say it’s jumping in the deep end with weights tied to me feet but I want this version of Ultim to be the final one and one which I can improve on instead of recoding again later.



    Well after some bug hunting which Mark helped me sort out I now have the basics down, the output for the networking library is:

    Server @this-pc:44444 listening
    Client @this-pc:53358 connected to server @this-pc:44444
    Client @this-pc:53359 connected to server @this-pc:44444
    New Client :this-pc:53358
    New Client :this-pc:53359

    Finished debugging app.


    As you can see I have put two clients in to test the system, next up will be sending packet data between the clients and server. Thanks to Mark the conversion system is now done so I can start sorting the packets out and go from there, packets themselves form one of the major sections of the whole system and once they are in there I will be able to authenticate clients and transmit and receive data.

    On the Star Rogue front the networking will form a solid foundation to build the game from as its going to allow for multiplayer I can get it right first time rather than tacking it on later and its not perfect. Once I have more done I will release a networking demo for everyone to play around with ๐Ÿ˜€



    Glad to see that you back into this program, its been a long time. ย I remember some of your earlier builds, I hope things work out for you on this. ย Hit me up if you need any testing done ๐Ÿ˜›



    Will do ๐Ÿ™‚

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