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    Hi all,

    apologies if that was already covered elsewhere and I’m not aware of it. I’m wondering what state the current Monkey 2 is in and how “future proof” it is, let’s say medium term, so something like the next 2–3 years.

    I’ve used Monkey 1 and loved working in it, in Monkey 2 I’ve mainly experimented a bit but really loved that, too, even more than the first version. Github tells me that my last Monkey 2 code was “a year ago”, so I’m not very up-to-date other than I read that Mark is now employed full time and certainly has less time to dedicate to Monkey 2. Just guessing but I imagine it must be a relief compared to surviving on Patreon support and a few side projects alone, so I’m happy for Mark who already has dedicated so much time and effort to this.

    I’m at a point where I’m keen again (and have the time) to get back into private game development, most probably focused on iOS and Android, but I wouldn’t totally exclude Desktop versions either but with less priority at the moment.

    Is Monkey in its current state a good choice? I’d say I’d like to use some basic Monkey 1 comparable reasonably stable features. I don’t think for what I have in mind I’ll need any highly experimental Monkey stuff like multithreading, and I’ll limit myself to 2d.

    Maybe that’s very vague, but I’d be keen to hear from some people who are a bit more up-to-date with Monkey 2.

    Thank you!



    I only really use the mojo3d stuff, but really enjoy it, though it’s been a learning curve in many ways. I also use only the ‘develop’ branch, but find it really stable, regardless.

    I think it’s all pretty future-proof, being based on third-party compilers and modern GL. Even if Mark were to stop working on it completely — which sounds unlikely given Mark’s recent update/plans on the News page — it should just keep working…

    I’m not so interested in web development, but it should certainly still be interesting, and provide a focus that should also benefit the core monkey2 modules, thereby improving things for those of us who want to keep using it for desktop/other platforms.

    He has been quiet the last few weeks… I’m guessing knee-deep in wasm internals!



    I have the same question and the same goals. I want Monkey mainly for android and ios but I use it for macos and Windows too in my sparetime. I love Monkey1 for its stablity and solid smoothness.

    Okay I can give my view on the matter.. sure.

    I love Monkey2 for syntax, and how close it gets to be Monkey1 in its quality but it is NOT there yet. So when I need perfect smoothness and fast touch, i use Monkey1.
    The Mojave + Monkey1 is to die for. Its perfect. But I need Monkey2 for creating on ios and Android.

    Make it work without any orobkems on latest Android and iOS.
    Fix the event system inside and out, this would fix everything wrong with Monkey2 and I could throw Monkey1 away. The timers would work faster than 90-120hz, there would also not be any weird error messages anymore (those errors btw makes code nonexecutable android and ios sometimes), touch would be better and smoothness of the graphics would finally match Monkey1.

    Actually I’m trying to use some of my time to convert the event-system from m1 into m2 myself becuase im sick and tired of waiting but yes it is a nice language otherwise I would never be bothered tryging to fix it. I’m happy for Marks sake that he got what ssem to be a good fully paid job but noone else knows this machine inside and out so things are kind of.. stuck?



    Btw I recently updated my old Note2 samsung to Nougat 7.1 (the.1 is important becuase that fixes not just graphics and overall execution speed but input lag is reduced aswell). This was a great leap from the old Android versions. Monkey2 runs almost as good as on the other platforms onit. You could not say this about older Androids

    As how Monkey2 works allaround..
    I tried to compile to all versions of all platforms and these are the best ones, best as in they are quick and incredibly smooth.

    iOS 12 (had to use tricks to use older xcode and rely om the opengl to metal2 conversion, but it works increidbly well)

    macOS Mojave (Maverick El Capitan Sierra are all on close 2nd place, but you can do more in Mojave)

    Windows 10 (I cannot tell any specific verions that are best here as I have not found any differences on the updates)

    Android 7.1 (huge difference from the older Androids, it also gives old Android phones a new life) Great software update if you code Monkey2.



    As a diehard BlitzFan I’m cool with everything. Probably because I can’t code that well but hey if mark sold a pizza named blitz I’d buy it.

    I’m going to inject my own personal thoughts into this thread and it’s all meant to help you understand what I’m looking for in a blitz language so here goes.

    BlitzMax/Blitz3D were dream languages to use. I’d like something similar for web/android/desktop but with helper functions ala GameMaker Studio 2.

    What do I mean by helper functions? Well, everything and anything that aids in coding games easily, for both beginners and experts: pixel perfect collision functions, delta_timer built in, screen management ala Diddy2, Object pooling, image blend modes, easy animation functions, particle system; anything that will take the headache away from making games and allows people to get right down to business, releasing games.

    The complexity of the language doesn’t necessarily matter if there are helper functions that remove that complexity.

    I want to make games. I’m not a good coder. I need help to do this. I began with blitz decades ago and it taught me a lot, especially the forums; how to behave myself etc and evolve into a more reasonable, logical person. Believe it or not, I only have one Monkey2 account and not 35 like I did in the ways of old. 😀

    Anyway, if I could make a wish and have it come true it would be a wish to have something like BlitzMax/Blitz3d for desktop/android/web with a plethora of game making functions; helper functions, that would allow me to just release games and enjoy it at the same time.

    What would I pay for such a solution if mark released something like this? I’d pay $500 for a desktop license and as Android and web platforms are constantly evolving, a subscription fee via monthly or yearly options, $300 each, per year.

    That’s all…. 🙂





    Thank you all for your input so far. I guess it’s safe to use Monkey 2 for my purposes. Thanks DruggedBunny, I did miss the Back to the Future update, and going forward WebAssembly makes sense. So that’s an exciting path for Monkey 2.

    Same as you, SekaiChi, I particularly love the Monkey 2 syntax. I also had a play with some of the Monkey 2 features such as glsl shaders and it worked pretty well for something I hadn’t really used before. That’s a year ago mind you, and I don’t think I’ll heavily rely on glsl for the game I have in mind. Good to hear your experience with the different platforms. I have a Pie and an older Nougat device, probably 7.1.

    Amon, thanks for your comment as well. When I first started with Monkey 1 I wanted to write everything myself, including user interactive particle systems, etc., to have full control and to learn things. Back then I’d count it as my first step into game development because I got a bit bored of web development. Even though my first project was never completed or released, it was a good learning curve and helped me to get a great game dev job that I’m still in today. But by now I also like to have a more complete framework that takes care of common game basics. I’m just wondering, wouldn’t a lot of those helper functions be covered by modules? When I first used Monkey 2 I went straight with Pyro 2 and found it a really good addition. Not sure what happened in Pyro land since then, but I’m pretty sure I’ll use it again.

    So, yes, from all the comments so far I’m quite confident that I can achieve a game in Monkey 2, even if Monkey still is a bit rough around the edges in a few areas. I guess I’ll see soon enough if I run into any insurmountable issues, but I just like the syntax, features and was a happy Monkey 1 user.

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