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    Simon Armstrong

    As Mark mentioned in his last blog I am getting monkey2 release ready for Steam. Along with VR support for mojo3d a Steamworks module will also be included.

    Anyone interested in publishing monkey2 content on Steam this year are invited to friend simonarmstrong on Steam. The plan is to offer free leaderboard and achievement features to banana publishers and some limited hand holding to those wanting to publish themselves.

    A third option for those with the next Worms or Skidmarks in development are welcome to contact mojolabs directly:)


    mojolabs devteam chat here –



    This is cool…. 🙂


    Richard Betson

    Joy! 😀 Very cool. I’ve never used Steam in development but it’s on my list for this next year.



    Very nice!

    One of the requirements of Steam is to state the minimum requirements of the game being published, what would the minimum requirements be for a Monkey2 game?


    Simon Armstrong

    For Supported Operating Systems I have ticked all options – Windows Mac Linux and 64 bit only.

    Under VR I have ticked OpenVR and all controllers – steamvr oculus touch, xinput and keyboard mouse.

    My current plan is to use MSVC toolchain and make Windows7 64 bit minimum platform. Now mojo can run using pure OpenGL it might be time to drop angle. Otherwise spec is standard SDL2 x64 binaries. Mac and Linux may not be available at launch.

    I want to have game(s) in production by February so am hoping releasing a monkey2 package via steampipe won’t be too large a drama. Surely nothing on the itunes scale.



    it might be time to drop angle

    For casual games DirectX is still the major player and I think it would be a mistake to drop it.



    Any news? 🙂 That Discord link doesn’t work anymore…


    Simon Armstrong

    Nope – due to a number of factors the original monkey2 on Steam plan got shelved. There is a usable Steamworks module that I am happy to share with anyone serious about publishing on Steam.

    An updated steamstub for BlitzMax did happen a while back for the likes of Counter Strike 2D and 3030 Death War Redux both of which seem to be doing pretty good.



    Its a shame its not on steam when steam’s got other platforms like it, looking at construct 2, or 8bit basic as examples.

    Was there a hurdle you couldn’t get over in terms of getting monkey on steam ?


    Simon Armstrong

    Some reasons to not publish monkey2 on steam at this time in no particular order:

    – steam is not a thing on embedded platforms such as pi
    – required windows toolchains are either freetarded or license crippled hence difficult to support
    – poor user experience for atypical zero knowledge steam user
    – blitzmax game developers rock
    – publishing banana showcase may be better first step



    Hey Simon, any chance whatsoever of a new build of the steam lib/dll for BlitzMax?

    I’m about to release the latest instalment of my “Tribloos” game series on there. The older version I have from 2014 seems to work with achievements but seem to be having problems getting leaderboards to work. I’ve (perhaps wrongly) assumed that a change in steam has happened and a new build is required to get these working.

    I started looking at getting a new version of gcc installed to build the source you supplied but the choice of builds/packages for that made my head spin.

    Any help would be appreciated!


    Simon Armstrong

    Hey Andy, I have pinned latest version of steamstub for BlitzMax to my mojolabs BlitzMax Discord channel:

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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