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    Trying out Monkey 2 on my MacBook (OSX 10.11.6).

    Downloaded the source and built it as per the readme.

    Ted 2 runs and appears to build code okay (tried my own code + the bananas), but it doesn’t actually seem to run the built code. The built applications are in the expected output folders and if I run them manually they work fine, but Ted 2 doesn’t seem to want to run them, which makes development and debugging pretty difficult ¬†ūüôā

    Anyone got any ideas?



    it works fine on my MacBook with the latest OSX. What version of OSX are you using? Have you installed the latest tools?



    OSX is 10.11.6 as stated (the latest version).

    Latest command line tools installed (at least I ran the command in the readme and it said they were already installed).

    I habitually keep all my computers and software up to date (I loooove an update) apart from my work machine, which they’re keeping on Windows 7.


    Simon Armstrong

    Have you tried running the launcher Monkey2 (Macos).app?

    Are you using a plain ~/monkey2 installation folder? It sounds like some kind of permissions issue. Either security or Read and Write folder thing perhaps.

    Also there is a tmp folder that monkey2 uses which you may want to check has been created ok in ~/monkey2/tmp.


    • Monkey2 (Macos).app – yep, using that.
    • ~/monkey2 installation folder – my folder is deeper, will try moving it to a shallower folder later.
    • Permissions – not convinced – it creates the built app fine, which I can run manually, it just doesn’t run it from Ted and there’s no error, just “Done”. I’ll check later though.
    • ~/monkey2/tmp – yep, that’s there.


    As I remember Macs have this console logger and might catch any errors.

    Also another case is that by building with terminal to see if everything goes well, because TED will not show any g++ or OS related errors.

    Regarding the permissions: You will need to check the mx2cc application (My is D:\Programs\monkey2\bin\mx2cc_windows.exe), in which user group it belongs? Because this application is responsible for invoking a system process (the game you want to run), you will have to make sure that it has the appropriate permissions to so (perhaps other Mac users could validate this). Also I would be keep an eye if one folder on tree has restricted rights, thus applying restritions to the monkey2 folder as well.

    Sorry for the guesswork, I hope that anything of these help.



    Okay – figured it out – was spaces in the path.

    I had it in “~/development/monkey¬†2” – removed the space and it now works.

    Spaces in the path are fine in Windows 7 and 10.

    Nice to get it working on my MacBook ¬†ūüôā



    That’s good, perhaps a patch would be created to fix this if it’s considered as a bug¬†by escaping the white spaces in Unix OSs’.



    I’ve logged it as a issue.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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