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    Something I’m working on. Currently about 70-80% finished, just need to complete the UI interactions now



    That was the concept.

    This is it half running with Red as the color. all buttons functional and correctly select the color and do the correct light and dark. The number on the swatches are the float RGB values.

    The panel will appear on the right side of Ted21 and remain until dismissed (closed). It can be keyboard opened and closed as well.

    Next up is the actual color list itself. shouldn’t take too long now?


    After that would be a new document view:


    A Palette will be a collection of colors. A Palette can have one color or many colors.

    My aim with this will be to unify the underlying color systems. So editing the Ted21 color scheme would be a simple task of loading and editing the UI Palette. But I have feeling that Palettes could become very much more powerful with them being fed into shaders, etc. All from the comfort of the editor.



    After a lot of talk about color included into mojo.canvas. I have thought about this and included color families directly into the UI. Just working on the color definitions now:


    Matthew Smith

    Great job! Looks very useful!



    ok. It works!!!

    Basically your have some libraries of colors (I will post the code to support them later)

    Open a library and select a color.

    Each color is named and has a float value. at the top is the selected color, and below is a ramped version of the color showing 8 variations (plus the original in the centre)

    In the shown image you can see we’re looking at the base colors and “sky” which is  0,.5,1 in floats

    The final two buttons Use Color (with the chosen color) will add this to the code, or other stuff. the close button being close the panel. You don’t need to close it. it is very happy being open all the time or whatever.



    Quick update.

    I’m going to include 6 hardwired color libraries:

    base – slightly extended base rgb colors

    UI – Sort of bright and muted colors good for UI’s

    Pico – Base pico-8 colors

    Vic – extended commodore colors

    Extended – the original colors I was working on

    mono –  mono colors

    Given that every color has 8 variants, there should be enough here to fit virtually any color



    Provided these palettes are stored in XML or JSON files there could be thousand of them that will be easily shared among users.



    Thats sort of the idea but not at this step. This is the color selector with a set of predefined colors.

    What you are talking about is palettes. That is the next step.

    I perceive a palette as a collection of colors. Hence why the color picker gives much more than just single colors 😉



    Here’s the final color picker. I removed the base entry and displayed these as the defaults – which they are.

    Everything else is found in the libraries below them. I’ve also narrowed the gradient slightly so the ‘other’ colors are a bit closer to the original.

    My other post gives the canvas code to allow the new colors

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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