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    its good that you like it!

    but the first theme should be impressive with a good color combination and not only yellow like in ´warm´

    this yellow theme makes for a very bad first impression to new users

    i was really scared when i first opened ted2 and saw this theme as the default one thinking this was as good as it gets

    so i was surprised to see some other really nice themes in there instead and its weird that they are not default

    ´hollow´ is fantastic

    but this is not the place to discuss themes but thats what i think 🙂



    Hehe you sure do like “Hollow” eh?
    Well I’m glad someone likes it! 🙂

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; I think the way to go is to have a sort of “setup” the first time Ted2Go is started.
    It could ask things like “What theme do you want?” with a list showing all themes and displaying them in real-time.
    And also a few other things, like how auto-complete should work.

    That way there is no “default”, and it’s instead tailored to the user.



    Yes, it’s time to add setup wizard. 🙂

    I like prime themes except of bold font. That’s why I revert default theme to warm.

    If wizard will take a long time I can set back prime one.



    Latest docs are easily themable too.

    Put something like this in “theme.css” to change the docs colors:



    Hi guys.

    There are some recent improvements in develop branch:

    1. New feature – using spaced indentation! Now, you can
      • use spaces instead of tabs;
      • set desired tab size (works with tabs and spaces);
      • and even automatically fix “wrong” indentation.
    2. New feature – duplicate line or selected area with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D (or just Ctrl+D on windows).
    3. Improved support of array type in code completion and code tree view.
    4. Completion list – some colors added into theme file:
      • completion-list-selected – color of selected line
      • completion-list-marked-bg– background color of highlighted chars
      • completion-list-marked-text – foreground color of highlighted chars
    5. Added some preprocessor directives into completion list:
      • __WEB_TARGET__ , __DEBUG__ , __RELEASE__ , __CONFIG__ , __MAKEDOCS__
    6. Added option “Rename folder” into Project browser context menu; and now open a *containing folder* by option “open on desktop” for files (don’t try to open file itself).
    7. Now storing latest opened tab in prefs dialog.


    Awesome, thanks for adding that! 🙂



    This is cool. Thanks for all your efforts on this. 🙂



    Enjoy coding and bla bla bla. 🙂

    Forgot to say – I also removed IRC chat stuff to cooperate all community in a single place – Discord.



    Great work and thanks for the CTRL + D shortcut! 🙂

    Some other usefull shortcuts which I still miss are:
    CTRL + ENTER => starts a new line before current line
    SHIFT + CTRL + ENTER => starts a new after before current line



    after before

    sounds interesting 🙂

    in what editor do you use it? (I want to try it)



    In Visual Studio 2017.

    OK the after before was a typo 😀



    Now I am throwing away some stuff and cleaning up my drives, this code I had written a year ago (there was no Ted2Go back then 🙂 ). It does not mean much but anyways… If for some reason there is something useful it would not mind to grab it. The implementation does not match Ted2Go but with a few porting it will work. There were about a dozen of features but all of them were added to mojox or Ted2Go

    Line commenting is interesting since it uses toggling, similar behavior to Sublime.

    Move lines up and down is a shortcut for cut and paste.



    @cocon thanks! maybe I’ll get something of your code.

    There is a little GIF about folding. I almost get it working.

    Need to add +/- folding icons into gutter view and checking lines deletion and isertion.



    we got more syntax highlighting options yet?



    Do you want separated colors for code members like class-names, functions, methods, const, etc?

    We have no such stuff yet. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 556 through 570 (of 597 total)

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