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    being able to match mollusc or jungle would be really nice yeah, as iv said before code that’s got poor highlight options can be hard for me to read, i often as a result overlook stupid mistakes which are easily avoided with a diff colour.



    Would it be possible for Ted2Go to be able to load new themes at runtime? I tried modifying one myself, but it seems the new theme only gets detected when you restart Ted, which makes quick tweaking difficult. Maybe I’ve missed something, though!



    ^ After changing a theme file, you can go to Window > Themes and click the theme file you updated and it should refresh.



    Hmm, that sounds like a decent workaround, thanks!



    Small feature request — could we have an option in the right-click tab menu* to open the current file’s location on desktop? I know we can do that in projects, but I rarely create projects myself, I just start a new file and go!

    * See attached image.



    i havent used monkey 2 or ted2go in a long time

    but one thing i always really liked was that irc was built right into ted2go it really gave ted2go an edge in the competition

    “live help inside the ide!” thats a big selling point for something like this! no other ide has that

    i recently came back to ted2go and monkey 2 for some smaller projects i had and noticed that ted2go no longer has irc live help?!

    i know hezkore told people to join discord for a long time now but it seems a lot of people never did join discord and that we lost a really big part of the community in the process

    heres a picture from back in the day when i feel like the irc room really had a lot of users

    hezkore tried to help everyone even when he was at work and eventually told people to join discord cause he could not help everyone

    why would you remove irc from ted2go?!

    every other coding language has an irc room and discord runs on shady user agreements and sells your information

    irc is open and free for everyone and especially good for coders to make their own irc clients

    very unprofessional to have “discord for gamers” as a coding language chat


    1. Open file locationlocation – it’s easy, will add.
    2. Irc chat – I ask Hezkore and Mark what to do with it before removing. But if it’s useful I can restore.
    3. Don’t know about unprofessional status of discord; I like it.


    it’s easy, will add

    Thanks! This will be used a lot by me!



    @druggedbunny Done in dev branch.

    I also added “Copy path” action into tab menu and Project view.



    Features added since latest announcement:

    • Added “Code folding” feature;
    • Added “Remove lines trailing” feature (enabled by default);
    • Fixed a few bugs crashing app;
    • Project view:
      • dragging mode – added autoscroll nearest the edges and autoexpand folders by hover them about 1 sec; 
      • added “Collapse all” action for folders (now you can collapse project folder and all its sub-folder by a single click);
      • added “Copy path” action to copy path of file / folder into clipboard.
    • Added “Open on Desktop” action into right-click on docs tab;
    • New feature in editor – Line spacing interval, set it in Preferences;
    • Added ~r processing in Console view to print on the same line;
    • New feature – “Recently viewed files” dialog (Ctrl+E). Just start typing and press enter on desired item.


    That’s working great, thanks nerobot! Will really help my workflow.



    Wow nice progress, could I throw out a few ideas?


    • Systemkey+f could be extended to toggle find on/off, maybe have replace mode as a 3rd mode that you could cycle through.
    • A pair of keys to smoothly scroll say between the next/prev class and function or comments with some special tag/symbol. You could add a comment to mark they are currently interesting areas (This is what I use find for a lot of the time, to skip around in temporary important working areas).
    • Wrapping (maybe it exist already and I just have not found the key yet?)
    • TED  would be even more practical if you could have an option for a smoked translucent background.


    Another little feature request if you get time!

    When Ted jumps to another part of the code, eg. due to syntax error or the debugger kicking in, could it provide a link back to where you were before the jump?

    Eg. If I’m working on line 02 and run the code below, it will jump to show the error on line 18. What I would like is an unintrusive button of some kind that would take me back to line 02 if I click on it.



    Nice request, will add jump position for errors.

    And we can find previous position by usual Jump back action.



    That would be awesome, will save a lot of scrolling around and losing concentration, many thanks!

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 597 total)

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