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    Steam now offer not only game but programming languages, 3D and 2D stuff

    Why not put Monkey2 there, there s probably a market share to have there



    It’s in progress. πŸ˜‰



    Steam has this whole community system around each of its products. Even things like streaming. It would be nice to see that being used.

    I have no experience with how difficult it would be but I also hope things like the the desktop C++ and emscripten things would be installed/updated automagically.



    Since I do not use Steam, I could not say for sure if is a good idea. However the point is that there should be a reasonable ROI (since Steam costs a few dollars per year) perhaps if in the future if things are settled then it would not be a problem at all, but now Mark is in tight ropes and needs to carefully plan the next step.

    However the point here is to look at the big picture,Β other than Steam you can consider that there are many other repositories that can host Monkey as means of promoting. Just to name a few…

    chocolatey (windows)

    brew (mac)

    apt (ubuntu – mint – etc), pacman (arch linux)

    ubuntu software center (ubuntu family)

    Windows Store, Apple Store, Steam (there are those that cost and can be considered last)

    Now perhaps if the appropriate Python scripts are written that would automatically upload the binaries to as many of these repositories with only one command then it worth a shot.



    if it is going to be on steam, then surely there should be full steam integration out of the box as well?

    The other thing would be to have proper help and everything working – which it isn’t.

    At best it’s half complete. It would be better to get everything working. One click distribution, app icons, proper project management with asset tracking. We are no longer in the 1980’s people expect more than just an editor and compiler…



    … there should be full steam integration out of the box
    This would be considered better as a module rather than the distribution strategy.

    … to get everything working …

    … to have proper help: Perhaps the only that could be written is a language specification that explains the concepts of the languages. But any other than that everything else is API specific, which would not make sense to explain how the mojox works or mojo (not that I would not be great, but the effort is tremendous). Another approach is if someone is interested to write a book and sell it perhaps would boost the ecosystem.

    … one click distribution: Is this related to multi-compilation? For example you want to press a button and build everywhere? This would be tricky since Monkey is tied to specific compiler toolchain in each OS.

    … proper project management: From what I know nerobot has plans to work on project management for ted2go, but this will be according to his powers and effort, also it would be a conceptual thing related to the IDE only, since the compiler is by default inclusion based. Unless you can think the creation of a system as cmake for monkey. πŸ™‚

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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