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    Abe _King_

    Github link: https://github.com/Ghouly-The-Ghost/Tiled-for-Monkey2

    A framework agnostic, TMX/XML focused, library that assists with processing TMX Maps.


    State of this project:
    This project was recently started: January 9th, 2019. It currently is currently micro-focused on the object features of Tiled but more will come as I need it. If you have requests let me know but this isn’t a “huge” priority of mine, though I will certainly be making considerations that fit my own interest.

    There is a lot of content already available on the main page of the github repository, even how to set it up, so go ahead and take a look there!


    Feature List

    1. TMX/XML focused and compatible
    2. Layer object patterns added
    3. TMX map loading
    4. Banana(s)



    You should contribute:
    Because I will be focusing nearly entirely on what I need and the patterns I use, it is probably in your interest to also add code patterns found in Tiled Maps that have not yet been implemented yet. Contributing will be very easy at the moment since the codebase is rather young and small and free-to-experiment with.

    The project does make heavy use of the TinyXML2 module, which is subpar with features, so I have added a mini-module in the project which greatly enhance productivity with the XML format used by Tiled. You will probably want to use these functions when working with the TMX file.


    How to install:
    See instructions on Github, they are very straightforward and you can have this module running locally in about 5 minutes or less.

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