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    I tested the Touchtest on Android and iOS, both work fine.

    I had to change one of the colors of the checker board from yellow to blue, because I could no see the finger status on the screen.

    Touch.FingerDown() works fine on Android and it can detect up to 10 fingers on the screen, on the iOS only 5 fingers, when you put down the 6th finger the app does not see any finger down.

    The gesture works fine too, you can pinch the screen and resize the rectangles on the checker board and you can rotate it too. Once you lift the fingers the checked board goes back to its original size and position.

    The iOS resolution is low, I believe because the Xcode generated by Ted2 does not have a Window.xid. I change the windows size on Touchtest.monkey2 to width=1136,height=640 but the resolution stayed the same.

    See the screen shot below for both devices.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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