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    when compiling an example of pyro i get this:


    /home/slenkar/Downloads/monkey2/essentials/bananas/jungle/jungle.buildv1.1.15/emscripten_debug/include/jungle_jungle.h:7:10: fatal error: ‘pyro-framework/pyro-framework.buildv1.1.15/emscripten_debug/include/pyro_5framework_screenmanager.h’ file not found


    I have rebuilt all modules after putting the 3 pyro folders in the modules folder


    the file it is looking for is in:



    looking in this folder:


    I only see: jungle_jungle.h



    Soo its a permission issue, ubuntu doesnt let the IDE do any deleting or moving of files

    so I did

    sudo chmod -R a+rwx monkey2

    but that messed something up cos now the IDE doesnt open



    When installing mx2 on linux I chmod the mx2 folder before to avoid that kind of problem.



    where is the mx2 folder?


    I had a look but couldnt see it



    when i compile Ted it has the owner as ‘root’

    ubuntu says i am not the owner

    it opens when double clicked

    but cant launch other commands like wget.

    As soon as i start messing with the ownership or chmod Ted refuses to open anymore.

    As in the executable does nothing when double clicked or if i try to start Ted in the terminal absolutely nothing happens.


    I ran it with

    sudo “./Monkey2 (Linux)”

    it can do wget to download modules

    but still cant move files so emscripten still doesnt work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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