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    Here’s the stuff lost in the new site transfer:

    And the really interesting new development work:

    There are a number of things being shown here:

    on the left is the main palette. You can see the four CGA color palettes at the end. This is how the game switches between colors.

    The map itself is made from 6 layers

    layer 0 is the actual maze, with the for different colours showing the four zones – each zone uses a different CGA palette

    layer 1 is the walls and decoration – towers etc

    layer 2 and 4 are the balls. you place a ball with a direction. you also control how the ball moves by markers. when the ball hits a marker it will do something else

    layer 3 is the lazer towers and radioactive floors the towers create.

    layer 5 is the onscreen hud popup for pull and walk signs, etc

    Using the color part of the map, the map can be loaded once and updated live without disturbing the tile layer, that way we have a default map and controls for doing other stuff on the map like shutting down lazers. It is then a simple task of resetting the colors on the map to a known value at the start.

    The shown font has a character size of 32×32 pixels.

    Not only does it allow us to create the map with other variables being visual and easily changed it is also used as the texture map for the 3d objects! So there is a full gradient set going from white to black plus the needed UI elements for the signs and pickups and lazer gun fires.

    Which make for a very efficient dev process. So far I have been working on the game for 6 days including making the 3d objects, font, etc



    Looks really cool I remember CGA.

    Have you considered having a pixellate option where it has a 320×200 virtual resolution for true retro feel?



    minimap and main view now show footsteps.

    8bit chip emulation operational so proper chip sounds too.

    custom keybindings being finished:

    There is a start screen with basic information setting the scene as well

    Plus all four CGA 4 color palettes are used at different times:



    Very stylish!



    Awesome stuff…so like demo?



    Keep your hats on… LOL I’m just finishing stuff and working on the windows version – should be in a few hours or so…



    this Monkey 2 3D?



    its monkey2, but custom 3d not mojo3d.



    what kind of custom 3d? could it be used by everyone?



    yep. very simple to use with shader support. I’ll get a demo for you 😉



    Love the look of this, although I feel compelled to link this in case you fancied aping composite CGA 🙂



    LOL. yep I tied to argue that point, but the Jam runner stuck to the 4 color palette.

    got 49 out of 129 btw



    What program is that you’re using to design the maps?



    It’s an unrealised program called fontmap.
    It takes up to 2 charfonts (these are 16×16 bitmaps of characters), plus up to 3 palletes.
    You can then add layers. Each layer can be different resolution and stores the results as both palette position (color) and character used.
    Layers can be hidden, shown in different offsets allowing for strange map representation like hex maps.

    The access code to load and manipulate the maps is also very simple, allowing you to decide how to use the data in your own apps.

    Which platform are you on mac or win?



    Sounds interesting. I’m on Windows.

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