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    I updated Monkey2 on Windows and Macos today and was so happy to see the new versions, but the windows was slow starting on a fast machine and didnt allowed me to  delete the install exe afterwards and to my horror macos beggin draiming the battery even in sleepmode after installing m2 ontop of working fresh system.

    Nothing else was changed as they were already updated since a few weeks and no available updates are available today,so what could be wrong?



    “the windows was slow starting on a fast machine”

    This means any of the possible:
    a) Using the Ted2Go IDE? (if is something related to the IDE)
    b) Compiling speed of a demo? (it’s true that MINGW compilations are slow – however only for usage licence is a great choice)
    c) Running speed of a demo? (if the demo runs slow – if it’s not 3D it might be something with event processing (eating CPU cycles) – or if it’s 3D it might be something with the GPU/Directx drivers.

    How about CPU/RAM usage is it normal? It happened to me once to get a terrible trojan that would boost my CPU usage to maximum. 😉

    Still trying to guess any possible solution.






    The debug mode is going so much slower in Julys compared to Junes version is this temporary will it go back to full speed in later versions again?


    i domt mind to much in debug but theres also small differences in rleease mode and i am concerned about the lowered speed.


    we reinstalled June now to solve it for the moment.


    What about macos not having opengl in the next version will that affect Monkey2 s ability to sell in stores if  the forbid new apps woth opengl instead of metal2?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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