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    Long time Monkey user (and still am) – taking a look at monkey2 – primarily for the VR (although I see its not in dev)

    Fired the demos, but the headset view is upside down?  Am I missing something or do I play on my head LOL ?






    That was a bug which was fixed, so you might want to try the develop branch, or (if not into the self-build thing), download the develop zip (select develop branch, hit Clone or Download, then Download ZIP) and try replacing your existing mojo3d-vr module (I would back up existing mx2 first). Note that you need to install the SteamVR bits* mentioned on the page:


    [EDIT: * Actually, you’ve probably done that or wouldn’t even have the upside-down view!)




    im impressed.   Seems the only thing its missing is rendering text to the headset?

    looking on the forum im surprised theres not more developing for this?- A current project I need a simple pick up objects and place them in 3d space.   Looks like Ive got something todo over the coming weeks! – or has someone got a pickup and drop code already ?

    Ooooo just looked – also does the Rift Touch response too !

    Hello Monkey2



    Yeah, no text to headset, though I suppose that could be worked around.

    I think there are only a few people here with VR headsets, so not too surprising! I haven’t done picking up myself…

    I did put some demos in the code section, but they’ll probably need a bit of tweaking in order to work now, and I don’t use the physics toolkit any more, as Mark came up with a much simpler solution with Components, but it has a little VR demo, hence the inclusion here.

    mojo3d-vr VR Samples

    ToyBox – physics demo kit

    Rift Touches do work perfectly!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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