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    Regards, we continue here. :



    I’m also here… I think. :p



    @Mark Sibly:

    …code library forum added

    Thanks. I just added a first snippet.

    Adjusting the “height” and “width” properties of “crayon” seems to work to simulate a “code box”. (Thanks @nerobot for the suggestion: http://monkeycoder.co.nz/forums/topic/perlin-noise/page/2/)



    Hey….I’m here too.

    Let’s shake our heads clear and start some fresh monkey coding. I’m ready…

    Oh, for those new to MonKey2 or programming games, it is very important for you to participate in the community. You can do this by allowing any anxiety about; put it this way, fear and anxiety are gone now and you can post without fear of ridicule, any questions you have seeking help for any problem related to games programming with Monkey2.

    We need you too to post if you are having difficulty understanding any particular subject, concept, method, used in programming games with Monkey2. Why? It helps those seasoned programming veterans to become productive and better teachers. It benefits us all, so don’t hesitate to post seeking help. It will always be welcomed.

    Now get monkeying around. It’s absolute fun, and you will love it. 🙂

    Warm Regards,




    I am still here…watching….



    On board.

    About favicon & co … if this is a wordpress thing it should be a plugin for the favicon, without the need to hardcoding & changing a line of .php.



    The site icon, just goto Appearance > Customize and goto the the site identity section, you can set the icon there and it will do it for you.



    Quick question: how can I contact Simon Armstrong? I don’t find any email or contact form on nitrolog blog.



    I am here, too! Sorry for my rants from time to time. It’s like with a marriage. I love you but I don’t have to like you all the time and all what you do. 😉



    I think most of the old Blitzer’s have an account here, yeah I have sometimes been critical of BRL and some of the business model however. I have an account here and I’m looking at MX2 to see what and where the tool can be used for any future projects.

    I have tools and languages that I haven’t used in ages but they are still there.



    I only set my account up here to stop any of you scumbags nicking it.




    @gfk lol good plan



    Got a new request for custom work yesterday. A woman has an idea
    to start a new company and she is looking for someone to bring
    her idea into reality. She is looking for a coder/programmer/software-developer.
    At start of a new business, developing a software using a full-time
    company ($70+/hour) may be too expensive, so she is looking for a cheaper solution.

    She had a program for desktop in mind.

    Thanks to MonkeyX2, I can at least cover Windows+Linux+Mac+Android+iOS,
    and maybe Web (MX2 using EMScripten is not the best solution for Web, IMO).
    So, thanks to MX2, I can bring-in new ideas to make the application
    portable for use on phones and tablets as well — the modern world.

    MX2 may open completely new doors, possibilities, ideas…

    Thanks for that, Mark! 🙂



    Hello Mark,

    can I have one opinion?
    I always liked the design of original MonkeyX website. These combinations are light brown, dark brown and white. It all works very professionally and uniformly. This was, by the way, one of the reasons why I bought MonkeyX, because it impressed me perfectly.

    These web pages come to me so sad and rather “cheap”. Do not you also plan to redesign (for me best in the original colors)?



    I like Blitz languages even Blitz3D, I always support and  look for the latest one.

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