When is Ted2 IDE coming out ?

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    I’m a JungleIDE user so this might not be an issue soon-ish I hope but for now I’d like to use an official IDE with the debugger to try to learn the nuances of Monkey2.  Any ETA on when Ted2 is coming out?  The Roadmap says it is a 90% which sounds hopeful…



    Hi Mark,

    Is there an update on Ted2 IDE and the Debugger being ready?

    Roadmap has them sitting at 90% which is a tease …  (!)


    Mark Sibly

    Now at 99.99%! Release coming *very* soon so please hold tight.

    It’s nothing too flash though. I ended up holding back on several features because it was just consuming too much dev time, although I do intend to continue developing it slowly over time.

    But it can compile/run/debug mx2 apps, has a pretty usable editor and of course it will work *anywyhere* you can build mx2 itself. I’ve been using it exclusively myself over the last couple of weeks and am pretty happy with it.

    I think that realistically most people will likely go with 3rd party solutions for IDEs in the near future at least, but it fulfils my goal of making mx2 a completely self contained ‘product’ so I’m happy. And I’m sure that there are other minimalists out there like myself who will find it OK too!


    Simon Armstrong

    Golly this sounds cool. Can’t wait!



    That is exciting I am looking forward to it and seeing how the debugger works (never really used one).  I bought JungleIDE long ago because of its intellisense, or autocomplete, or whatever you call it.  That’s the killer feature for someone learning a language full of modules, classes and methods and whatnot.  All the other bells and whistles are great too but if you or someone from the community can cook up that feature I think it will go a long way to helping newbies get a handle on the new language and what it offers.


    Matthew Smith

    Debugger will be great! Thanks for the update.



    I’m one of the minimalists that would love to use Ted2 – looking forward to it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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