Where does music files go?

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    You could read somewhere that music files needed to be in the root path for some platforms to work?

    Has this changed officially because it seems to to work on Android now? Or should you still put music in some special path? is there a size limit to the music and better way to load longer pieces of music?

    Can you maybe even chain parts into shorter ones?



    There is the PlayMusic() function in monkey2 that streaming music file, so it can easily playing super-big files, I think.



    Actually I wonder if it was not the streaming functionality that was the reason why the files could not be in assets on some platforms, if that makes sense then I don’t understand what makes assets folders special are they the only ones that are internal and tge totally hidden folders of a game?

    Would not any other files and directories be included in a apk for instance?  In desktops assets are just really special paths as far as I can understand right now, they provide an easy way to hide things right?

    About the subject of streaming music on different platforms and where to put everything correctly; I know that I need to do more testing but the testing procedure is superslow and I figure that people already know these things. I have to be honest the documents can be tricky to understand sometimes. I wished so much that they were simpler, it would make the whole experience much happier.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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