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    I’ve been programming in Monkey for a while now(Since Monkey X) and so far it’s absolutely genius in my opinion, so I figured I’d give some good feedback for once.

    First, it combines “ease of use” with power, the speed of a compiled language while being friendly enough to be translated to multiple architectures. This is arguably the best thing about Monkey besides the C extensibility. Not only that, but it’s free to learn and develop for now days (Thanks to those who support it with their own hard earned Currency, I really wish I could Donate.) Big shoutout to those who have the Hearts BTW. 😛

    Beyond that, it’s very flexible not only in language design, but as the core features stand – it’s inherently meant to be lightweight and non-intrusive for the programmers using it. I’ve only been programming actual code for a little over 10 years since I was a wee lad. I first learned GML in Game Maker. Then I moved on to Java, HTML, and some C/++ for a while however when I found Monkey; it felt like I could actually make something meaningful, almost as if the barriers that blocked me from moving forward suddenly opened. I can’t stress how happy I am to have found this language and this very supportive community.

    I wish it could replace some other languages in popularity someday because it has the greatest potential I’ve seen in any new languages that’ve been released over the years. There’s really nothing like it. I hope this whole project goes beyond it’s current state ergo becoming a widely known language for both beginners and professionals alike.

    Thank you for reading. I just felt like giving a motivational monologue to those working on their next gen projects. Keep up the good work. And thank you Mark for providing us with this amazing technology.

    P.S. Thank you to the Ted2Go Author for the amazing Editor and Skn3 who helped with the AES Encryption Module. <3 Love ya guys.


    Mark Sibly

    Thank you!



    Only just saw this thread but just thought I’d say I concur! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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