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    With the lastest Mojave update Window.SwapAsync has been deprecated.

    What is it? Is this a big thing that it is not available anymore? What does it technicaly change?


    Mark Sibly


    Added SUPER experimental SwapAsync flag to Window. Causes window to execute swaps in a separate thread. This allows you to use much finer grained timers etc. Note: it may not be a good idea to do any off-screen rendering with this enabled. It may not work everywhere, but Qt4.8 apparantley recommends it so give it a go! Confirmed to work on windows and macos, but not linux.

    In GL-Speak, it caused ‘SwapBuffers’ to execute in a separate thread, which meant the main thread didn’t have to block waiting for vsync.

    It was more a kind of a ‘see if I could’ experiment really, I probably shouldn’t have added in the first place.



    Thanks for the info. I should read VERSION!

    Having finer grained timers would be awesome, especially for sound treatment as it has a much higher refresh rate than video. Too bad Apple is making things so complex with their constant new system surprises.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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