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    Method New( title:String=”Simple mojo app”,width:Int=640,height:Int=480,flags:WindowFlags=WindowFlags.Resizable )


    How can I make the Resizable flag and Maximized flag work together.

    I have tried adding the Maximized flag (flags:WindowFlags=WindowFlags.Resizable.Maximized), but only one works at a time, usually the last one on the line.

    I do not get an error with this code, but only ‘Maximized’ works, cause it is at the end.


    Mark Sibly

    You’re meant to combine flags with the | ‘or’ operator, eg: WindowFlags.Resizable|WindowFlags.Maximized.

    The fact you can go WindowFlags.Resize.Maximized is a little bugette that I think has already been reported and has just been bumped for fixing priority!



    Thanks, did try |Maximized but did not reallize it had to be |WindowFlags.Maximized

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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