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    I’ve just completed a windows update ( windows 10 ) and after completion and a reboot have noticed that my monkeyx2 folder has been deleted.

    Apparently, Windows 10 thinks MX2 is a trojan. It doesn’t give me an option to allow or to report as a false positive. I’ve attached a screenie.



    Windows Defender delete the complete folder or only the exe?
    It’s the same with me from time to time that Defender delete a compiled exe. My solution was, to exclude the folders in Defender.
    To release a Application, you need maybe a digital signature?!



    Hi Sam. It removed all folders containing the exes. I’ve just tried to allow it in windows defender but the option to exclude it is greyed out. I’m googling for a solution now. I’ll post how I get on.



    Strange.. my W10 and Windows defender are up-to-date and Defender finds no viruses on my computer even with complete virus search. I have 7 different monkey2 folders. But only self compiled I think (I’m not even sure about that).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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