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    Been thinking about window versions lately. How does compiling windows differ in Monkey2 over the three latest windows versions, win7, win8, win10, And how does using MingW vs VisualStudio affect all this? Does it matter which one you pick?

    Is it possible to use Win7 and compile binaries  that works on all window versions?

    While I’m at it, is it possible to use Linux to compile for win10?



    Mingw uses the GCC compiler (g++ version 4.7 if remember) and Visual Studio the Visual C++ 2017. In each case the binary executable will be always the same because the compilers will produce the same result.

    If you can use MSVC2017 on Windows7 then you won’t have any problems.

    If you want to use Linux you can develop anything you want – Monkey2 would have greate cross platform compatibility (provided that you won’t use Win specific libraries such as ms_text_to_speech_api_etc) – but the final build and testing would have to be done in a real Windows machine so you can double check and fine tune the details.



    The executables definitely won’t be the same! While the C++ output from mx2 will be the same, both compilers will optimise that code differently.

    The main reason to use MSVC on Windows is that build times are significantly faster (after first build), and you can build for 64-bit on Windows, whereas gcc doesn’t work yet for some reason (though it does do 64-bit on Linux).



    Also, on Window 7, debug mode will often crash Ted2Go, but Mark’s minimum target is really Windows 10.

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