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    Mark Sibly

    Here’s my first attempt at a new ‘jsonifier’ system for converting data to/from json.

    You’ll need a bleeding edge build of develop branch for the TypeInfo.NullValue feature.

    This will eventually end up in the std module (there’s already the start of a jsonifier in there but that”ll go).

    This demo shows the basic idea including the ability to jsonify cyclic data.



    Ooo! Is it possible to add blobs? (Basically just Databuffers) for adding any value? Like New JsonBlob(New DataBuffer(20))
    Then we can save images, files, or really anything into a Json File. Would be amazingly convenient for sending data through TCP.
    Great work Mark. 😀

    So far I’m just converting a PNG to a JsonString and back again using a modified version of Nerobots datapacker.



    Awesome! Time to scrap my w.i.p. serializer module. Good riddance…


    Mark Sibly

    > Ooo! Is it possible to add blobs?

    Json doesn’t support ‘blobs’, but you can roll your own.

    For example, the gltf format allows you to use ‘data:’ URLs, and has an ‘accessor’ system that allows for data to be stored in external files. These aren’t actually part of json, but implemented ‘on top of’ json. I don’t see why we can’t implement/steal similar systems though.

    Here’s a new WIP version that features an attempt at serializing constructors. Really rough and there’s lots to sort out here but it’s looking promising. Note that the LoadC and CreateC functions are really just ‘encapsulating’ the function call ‘C.Load( path:String )’ and the simple ctor ‘New C( Vec2i )’. I have  no idea how this still will be implemented in practice yet though!



    I was hoping to see this come around sometime, it will be quite useful. Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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