Bananas – a folder with examples and tests

To get started with monkey, please check out the “bananas” folder that is included with all versions. “Bananas” is a set of small test programs and games, that can help you get an idea of how different things are done. You can also get to the bananas examples by choosing “Bananas Showcase” from the “Help” menu in the editor (called Ted2Go).

You can open bananas showcase from help or find the folder on your harddrive.

Viewing the Bananas showcase in Monkey2’s IDE, Ted2Go

Modules – “test” folders

Many Monkey2 modules, have an extra folder called “tests” or similar, where you can find examples on how to use the module.

Module tests folder for Mojo3D

Pakz Monkey 2 examples

Long time Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 user Pakz, has created an excellent set of examples to get you started in Monkey2.


Pakz Monkey2 3D examples



peterigz Monkey2 tutorials

The author of the excellent TimelineFX module and editor has a tutorial series in 14 parts available on GitHub here:



Video tutorials for Monkey2, – by Abe King

This video serves as an nice introduction to rendering in Monkey2.

This video serves as an nice introduction to  Stings, Math and Arrays in Monkey2