The Monkey 2 TODO List!

This is a list of features currently under develop or in consideration for monkey2. Please note this list is subject to change.


  • Bitmap font support (any requests for file formats?)


  • Scene serialization, mojo3d only to start with, try to generalize for anything a bit later.
  • Cleaned up  pbr shader system.
  • Terrain materials.
  • More precise transparent material sorting.
  • View culling.
  • Bake scene.


  • Merge some of nerobot’s enhancements from ted2go, eg: menus, tooltips etc.
  • ‘Property view’ system for reflection based editing of objects.
  • ‘Property changed’ style system for use with property views.

Std module

  • Simple event queue system for console apps so they can use fibers too.


  • Log files and better error handling.
  • Profile config that just does function level debug info.


  • Big compiler cleanup, starting with at least translator.
  • Fix unreliable global initialization order.
  • Varargs system, probably Variant[] based.
  • Return type based overloading.
  • Threads (long term!).