Public modules

A collection of 3rd party modules for monkey2.

Downloading and installing modules

  1. Install and update modules using the 'Module Manager' in the latest Ted2 IDE.
  2. Alternately, you can down module zips directly by clicking on the 'Available' links.
Module About Author Version Support Status
html-wsMonkey2 wrapper for native HTML Web Sockets.Abrahim Noll0.0.1
tinyaesAES encryptionJonathan Pittock0.1.0
portmidiDesktop MIDI moduleSimon Armstrong0.0.2
png2polygonConverts a PNG image to a polygon and simplifies it for collisiongcmartijn1.0.0
pyro-tiledThe pyro-tiled modulePlayniax1.0.7http://www.playniax.comAvailable
timelinefxParticle Effects modulePeter Rigby1.0.1
pyro-scenegraphThe pyro-scenegraph modulePlayniax1.0.7http://www.playniax.comAvailable
pyro-guiThe pyro-gui modulePlayniax1.0.7http://www.playniax.comAvailable
pyro-frameworkThe pyro-framework modulePlayniax1.0.7http://www.playniax.comAvailable