User Projects and Modules links

If you’ve got something that you feel sould go here, post link and description in  here.

by Ethernaut

Toy-Plane banana. A 3D pipeline exercise using “vanilla” Mojo3d (no custom framework). Hope to be done with this one by end of February. Will include a fully textured airplane, a tiny island to fly around, distant BG environment and some sort of control limits that prevent you from flying too far or going underwater.

2D shader tests in Mojo, another educational project. Ongoing.


by Hezkore

m2libui is a libui library wrapper for Monkey2.
It makes creating native UI elements, such as windows, buttons, sliders etc. a breeze.
Notice that this wrapper is very unfinished and needs your help to be completed!
(Currently only supports Windows)

Win Examples:

m2irc is an IRC module for Monkey2.
It lets you connect to any IRC server easily and process the messages and events however you want.


m2conio is a Console I/O module for Monkey2.
It adds a ‘Console’ structure for some console specific functions and features.
As well as an ‘Ansi’ structure for Ansi related functions.


m2stp is a text processing module for Monkey2.
It takes a string and translates special text and symbols into whatever you want in real-time.


m2curses is curses library wrapper for Monkey2.
It currently supports Windows and Linux, by using PDCurses on Windows and Ncurses on Linux.


m2terminimal a simpler and modern version of curses, written from scratch for Monkey2.
It allows you to use Mojo functions like DrawText and DrawRect but for your terminal/console instead.
Very WIP and currently only supports Windows, with Linux and Mac support planned.


by abakobo

Box2d module (WIP), including RUBE importer/exporter. (Unfortunately RUBE is not a free product, not expensive though)
It contains a b2Manager Class that does a lot of work and let you with a very readable code.
There’s already a small bunch of working bananas.
It’s not in the form a module for now, so you can just download open and run bananas. It is intended to become a module though.