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    I started a remake of an old game called FirePower a while ago. I stopped working at it. I now started coding something similar. I might re-use or take it into the firepower remake direction.

    I started creating a base with turrets and added collisions and scrolling(this was hell!) Made the turrets shoot at the player while making sure they do not hit walls or other turrets and also making sure they have a good chance of hitting the player tank.

    Last night I added little soldiers. They each(class List) have a floodfill map where a safe spot behind a wall is put where they move towards. They seem to remain killable and have time to be able to shoot at the player. I want to give them pistols and turn them into a puddle of blood when the player drives over them. In Firepower little people came out of destroyed buildings.

    If anyone wants to keep track of the project and maybe copy and paste the code into ted2go :




    Nice, like the way they hide!



    I had done something similar before with a shooter game. I had tried a new method this time where I would check a near section(player) of the map for a obstacle(wall) and see at which angle it was compared to the player. Then check behind it for a hiding spot. Should be faster then my old method. I did not get this working though. I then used my old method of shooting invisible bullets around the player until it hits a wall. Then check if a free spot behind it shows up. Then mark this spot in a map array for the soldier and flood a certain distance from it. The soldiers read every now and then if a flood path is on their position and then move towards(lower flood values) that safe spot.

    I am about to begin working on adding new things. Finish the soldiers and add some procedural graphics. Though I also just watched some quake 2 gameplay where they added raytracing. I kind of also want to create a simplified 3d shooter like that and use that chunk technique I learned from the minecraft course on udemy.


    Abe _King_

    I’m liking the look of this game! Keep it up 🙂



    Looking good, nice and retro.




    I have been working on creating procedural graphics. I think I want to create more gfx like water and maybe powerups(crates)

    I am at 35+Kb  of code already.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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